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Multi-Utility Gateway for Smart Metering Applications

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The gMUC-DSL controller from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH enables multi-line remote data reading from domestic and industrial supply meters and other sensors via LAN/DSL connections. Measurement values for electricity, gas, water and heat are automatically transmitted to one or more centrals locations using common Internet standards.

Meters are connected by wire (RS485 or RS232 and wired M-Bus via optional module) or via short-range radio (wireless M-Bus). Other technologies and interfaces, such as ZigBee or RF169s, are available upon request. The device can be configured and administered remotely. A local interface enables direct access to measurement values for end customers (e.g. PC, display solutions, mobile devices).

The gMUC-DSL controller meets all requirements of large-scale deployments. When mounting the gateways locally in households, only cables need to be connected.

The gMUC-DSL controller is a state-of-the-art communication module based on proven hardware, and it complies with European Smart Metering standardization activities.


Topology: Multi-Utility Gateway for Smart Metering Applications

System components:


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Certificate CE_gMUC-DSL.pdf 56 KB PDF Datei
Datasheets DS_gMUC_DSL_2v2.pdf 270 KB PDF Datei
gMUC_SupportedMeters_2v01.pdf 795 KB PDF Datei
Firmware Firmware_gMUC_8190_4v53.zip 2.8 MB ZIP Datei
Firmware_gMUC_8213-IrDA_4v53.zip 2.7 MB ZIP Datei
ReleaseNote_gMUC_8190_4v53.pdf 432 KB PDF Datei
Manual UserManual_gMUC_4v54.pdf 1.2 MB PDF Datei
gMUC_Installation_Instructions_2v6.pdf 150 KB PDF Datei
gMUC_XML_Interface_EN.pdf 544 KB PDF Datei
gMUC_XML_ResponseSchema.xsd 13 KB
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  • Investment protection for smart metering infrastructure
  • Compliant with European standardization for Smart Metering Gateways (M/441)
  • Flexible meter integration (electricity, gas, water, heat)
  • Efficient communication with central sites (LAN/DSL)
  • Flexible integration with Smart Home (e.g. display, handheld)
  • Proven and reliable hardware
  • Easy installation, minimizing time and risk for customer appointments

Key Features:

  • Modular architecture separating the gateway from meter and HAN
  • Wired meter interface (RS485 or RS232)
    – DLMS and 1107 protocol (EN62056-21)
  • Wireless M-Bus interface– Open Metering Communication
    – EN 13757-3/4 (W-MBus)
  • IrDA Interface, wired M-Bus via optional module
  • Two Ethernet interfaces
  • Support for Internet- and security standards
    – HTTP(S) authentication, X.509
    – NTP, DHCP, PPPoE
    – DynDNS, STUN
    – AES encryption
  • Push operation (ftp, http(s))
  • Browser based configuration and administration
  • Operating status signaled by LEDs
  • Remote firmware update
  • Logging

Contact to Sales

  • Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH
    Mr. Seehase
    Papenreye 65
    D-22453 Hamburg - Germany

  • Phone: +49 (40) 55304 203
  • Fax: +49 (40) 55304 180

  • E-Mail: sales@neuhaus.de

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