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Remote Meter Reading via Analog Connection

Product Picture: ZDUE-MOD-PLUS-V

The ZDUE-MOD-PLUS-V from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH enables remote data reading from electricity, water or gas meters via analog telephone landlines.

The data stored in the meter (e.g. register and load profile) are transmitted using transparent data via different interfaces. Thanks to the transparent mode, it is also possible to read gas registration devices, etc. With the integrated auxiliary power source, the ZDUE-MOD-PLUS-V can also supply such battery-operated devices as quantity transformers with power.

The device settings can be made either locally using the DIP switches or the RS232 interface as well as by remote by call up.

As a small enclosure, the ZDUE-MOD-PLUS-V is DIN 43857-5-compliant and can be easily installed on a meter board or on the meter terminal cover.


Topology: Remote Meter Reading via Analog Connection

System components:

  • Analog telephone connection


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Datasheets DS_ZDUE-MOD-PLUS-V_1v1.pdf 407 KB PDF Datei
Manual InstGuide_ZDUE-MOD-PLUS-V_eng.pdf 134 KB PDF Datei
InstGuide_ZDUE-MOD-PLUS-V_fra.pdf 86 KB PDF Datei
Manual_ZDUE-SET.pdf 1.2 MB PDF Datei
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Tools: ZAPP-Software
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Software Installationshinweise_ZAPP-Installation_Windows_7.pdf 795 KB PDF Datei
ZDUE_ZAPP_voll_v4_430.zip 99 MB ZIP Datei
Update Installationshinweise_ZAPP-Update_4v941.pdf 111 KB PDF Datei
ZDUE_ZAPP_Update_4v941.zip 15.3 MB ZIP Datei


  • Analog meter modem for transparent communications
  • Easy device configuration with DIP switches or RS232 interface (local) or via telephone call (remote)
  • Protection against unauthorized access
    - Local: Sealable enclosure
    - Remote: Call privileges with password
  • Integrated auxiliary power source for quantity transformer, etc.

Key Features:

  • Integrated wide-area power supply 100 - 230 VAC
  • Interfaces: CL1; RS232; RS485
  • Time slot for call answer
  • Integrated real-time clock with power reserves
  • Auxiliary power source
  • Operating mode display via LEDs
  • Call authorization via password
  • Transparent data reading of all devices connected
  • Settings adjusted locally with DIP switches or RS232 interface or by remote by call up
  • Firmware update locally via the RS232 interface
  • Reset button

Contact to Sales

  • Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH
    Mr. Seehase
    Papenreye 65
    D-22453 Hamburg - Germany

  • Phone: +49 (40) 55304 203
  • Fax: +49 (40) 55304 180

  • E-Mail: sales@neuhaus.de

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