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TAINY SwitchingCenter

Standardized Infrastructure for IP Telemetry

Product Picture: TAINY SwitchingCenter

The TAINY SwitchingCenter (TSC) from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH provides a solid technological basis for cost-efficient, innovative M2M applications in a wide variety of different industries and for many different applications. Solutions profit from the enormous advantages of modern Internet technology, including cost efficiency, reliability, flexibility and investment security in the technological infrastructure.

The TAINY SwitchingCenter offers protocol functionality for bi-directional M2M communications via GPRS or via IP networks. Processes are able to exchange data with one another or with a control center, without requiring fixed IP addresses or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provided by a third-party service supplier.

Another considerable improvement of the TAINY SwitchingCenter v3 is the completely revamped modular architecture: Software can be distributed over several computers, and is therefore reliably redundant and highly scalable. A symmetrical distribution of the workload is guaranteed due to load balancing.


Topology: Standardized Infrastructure for IP Telemetry

System components:


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Datasheets DS_TAINY_SwitchCenter_3_1v4.pdf 378 KB PDF Datei
Manual Manual_TSC3_V1_021.pdf 3.6 MB PDF Datei
Pictures TAINY_SwitchingCenter_V3_eng.jpg 387 KB Bilddatei
Release Note Release_Note_TAINY_SwitchingCenter_eng_3v30.pdf 351 KB PDF Datei

Testing system:

  • TestsystemRegistration for TAINY SwitchingCenter Testing system
    free of charge & whithout obligation


  • Use of the Internet for M2M applications
  • Support of protocol standards and investment protection
  • Highest scalability and performance
  • Uniform management of connections (GPRS, WLAN, LAN)
  • Flexible, easy system integration into the control center
  • Easy operation
  • Trusted technology

Key Features:

  • IP-Telemetrie compliant (DIN 43863-4)
  • Supports TSC protocol
  • Redundancy and load balancing
  • Modular software architecture
  • MySQL databases for configuration and log data
  • Dial-up, leased-line and push modes
  • Visualization of device status
  • Heartbeat and watchdog functionality
  • Extensive logging
  • Group management of connections
  • Role-based operation concept, web clients

Contact to Sales

  • Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH
    Mr. Seehase
    Papenreye 65
    D-22453 Hamburg - Germany

  • Phone: +49 (40) 55304 203
  • Fax: +49 (40) 55304 180

  • E-Mail: sales@neuhaus.de


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